• Turbomill la soluzione ai problemi di macinazione
  • Turbomill la soluzione ai problemi di macinazione
  • Turbomill la soluzione ai problemi di macinazione
  • Turbomill la soluzione ai problemi di macinazione




Designed and manufactured in the paint factory MIRODUR, TURBOMILL is the unique mill to dive thanks to numerous international patents
the only one who can ROTATE THE BASKET

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Turbomill basket

Turbomill switch board

Production line based on Turbomill

Production and assembly of Turbomills

Colour change in 10 minutes

TURBOMILL, is the first immersion mill and, thanks to its numerous international patents, the only one that can rotate the basket. Hundreds of companies, many of which are multinational groups, in about 70 countries worldwide have been using TURBOMILL for many years, with complete satisfaction.

TURBOMILL special construction (external rotor/internal stator system) makes it possible to achieve extraordinary results in all phases of operation, from grinding to washing and colour change.

In fact, even with a smaller grinding chamber than other mills, TURBOMILL grinding power is stronger because the centrifugal force created by the basket rotation compresses the beads and gives them extraordinary grinding power.

So you get:

  • Short grinding times
  • Finenesses up to full scale even products with high viscosity and high concentration of pigment

In addition, because of the zirconium grinding beads around 1mm in diameter, it is possible to achieve high colorimetric yields, exceptional film brightness and, when needed, transparency of the pigments.

Thanks to the centrifugal force, TURBOMILL baskets empty out quickly and completely and washing is done in 10 minutes with just the use of the solvent necessary to submerge it.

  • Short grinding times
  • High productivity with high viscous and high pigment concentrated products
  • Fast washing and cleaning using little solvent
  • Complete product and colour change
  • Flexibility in production volumes.

At the end of this operation, the grinding chamber is so clean that you can completely change product and colour from one batch to the next.
his eliminates downtimes, as well as having mills dedicated solely to one colour, which enables a significant increase in productivity.

A sophisticated software allows full automation of the process and related controls.

TURBOMILL is also a versatile mill, each model works different batch volumes in different tanks (see technical data sheet). Processing is done in a closed tank without the evaporation of solvents and working loss. TURBOMILL is suitable for water or solvent based productions, and more specifically: paints, coatings, inks, colour pastes, gelcoats, cosmetics, agrochemicals and wherever a wet grinding is needed.



The table shows the main features of the models available

Description RV3-2E RV3-20E RV3-20E PLUS RV3-50E RV3-50E PLUS RV3-75E RV3-150E
Main motor kW 1 15 15 37 37 55 110
Main current Ampere - 5 - 33 - 40 - 70 - 90 - 100 - 200
Power of lifting motor kW 6 bar 0,75 0,75 0,75 0,75 1,50 4
Volume of the basket litres 0,340 2,7 3,50 10 14 28 28
Weight of batch of zirconium silicate beads kg 0,560 6 7,5 22 29 61 61
Speed of the basket during grinding rpm 10÷1350 10÷700 10÷700 10÷460 10÷460 10÷250 10÷250
Diameter of the basket mm 110 270 300 430 480 620 620
Batch min/max Liters 1÷15 50÷500 50÷500 180÷800 180÷800 800÷1500 800÷2800



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